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The top printing enterprise sales to rise

times   2016-11-21
Printing companies are trying to make money, but there are always some earn more than other enterprises, some enterprises did not profit at all.The latest statistics show that in 2016, the United States and printing company sales of $2.5 million or more, enterprises of the total sales rose 8%.Is one of the special printing enterprises, through the acquisition of sales growth of 600%.Most printing enterprise digital printing plate sales rise, only part of the traditional printing plate printing enterprise sales increased 26% ~ 191%, and a few printing enterprise in sales, appeared a double-digit decline.

In terms of per capita sales, the United States and printing company sales top ten printing enterprises, sales are more than $200000 per worker.And there are 17 in the 100 printing enterprises printing enterprise sales of less than $125000 per worker, three printing enterprise sales of less than $90000 per worker.

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