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Print the thief how to solve

times   2016-11-26
Print the thief how to solve?P&C  printing group to help you
How to avoid printing thief and solve the problem of printing the thief?P&C group after actual exploration, summed up the following article:
A, prepress preparation is inevitable
1, before the computer to check ink viscosity, is normal
Print the thief among the common problem is the ink viscosity is too low, after using several times easier to produce.Because in the process of production, often to the printer ink barrels of water, resulting in a decline in ink viscosity.Triggering printing the thief, so before the computer must to test the ink.
2, check whether the print is good
Print using long, or too much ink printing surface dirt, can reduce the print ink transfer, after the ink transfer to reduce, printing the thief phenomenon will happen very often.
3, anilox roll
The cleanness of anilox roll is directly affect printing conditions, is a big part of anilox roll jams are not clear, so that anilox roll load ink quantity is small, resulting in printing the thief phenomenon.
Second, learn to printing the thief elimination method
1, the first detection of printing board thickness value, then check the cardboard from the paper feed unit after the cardboard thickness value, whether the cardboard has been feeding wheel crushing.If the crushing first solve the problem of cardboard crushing, paper gap is the cardboard thickness - 0.3 mm.
2, check whether the print pressure is normal, can view the amount of ink printing surface whether there is enough.Print hardness field version suitable for 34-36 degrees.
3, the above is correct to add printing pressure value, pressure value should not be too big, too easy to produce printing paste, printing wear speed slow.
Of course, if the printing ink viscosity is correct, print, anilox roll or a good printing thief phenomenon, main direction to ink technology as the leading factor, do not always printing pressure increase, can continue to improve the ink viscosity, and the permeability of ink.Can also adjust the printing machine as a state of every piece of paper for printing. 
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