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international children book fair bring something new digital printing

times   2016-12-05

In China the children to read, children's education books printing market, the status of the traditional offset printing is very strong.shenzhen P&C  printing solutions, can find the breakthrough point?
especially to show our attention to the children's books market.It is also a very good communication opportunity.We listen to customers to think of the future market, understand their management confusion, at the same time, we bring some new ideas and concept to the customer, hope to ignite new inspiration sparks, bring new business opportunities.
Digital printing on children, education publishing market, there are a lot of innovative applications.In Japan, for example, different students, according to their own learning, to get tailored personalized teaching I, this is more than the same teaching materials more targeted.Chinese parents for children's education unprecedented attention, I'm sure this application can also be spread in China.Of course, because the infrastructure and the difference of population structure, the Chinese market will need longer time to cultivate.Even in Japan, the personalization teaching is also provided by the private education initiated, and not the government project, also not every students enjoy.
In the United States, the textbooks of primary and middle school students is given priority to with traditional offset printing, but in the field of university education books, digital printing has been widely applied.University education knowledge update faster, education mode is more flexible, personalization of the books are widely used in the teachers and students.We believe that the future of these innovative applications will also be born in China.