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P & C annual '' Battle of the Tigers '' year-end summary of the General Asse

times   2016-12-19
In 2016, P & C's foreign trade team under the leadership of lily and boss, as well as the hard work of every staff, in this year have achieved remarkable results,,The company hold an once a year annual conclusion conference of “the fight of tigers”on Dec. 16, 2016. The staffs were full of enthusiasm, and full of the celebration atmosphere .The P&C staff who bet in the activity were extremely cheerful. The big amount cash from Boss was just left the bundle in a while. The winter was gone and spring is coming, time goes fly, 

With the pass of the time,2016 was the past now. The foreign trade team of P&C is on the new journey, we will keep moving and create a more satisfactory  achievement in 2017.