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China printing industry output value super trillions

times   2016-11-25
According to China's national press and publication administration of radio, film and television, China's printing industry for the first time in 2016 total output value reached one trillion yuan, the size of the list of the world's second. 
The 7th China (Shanghai) international printing 3 weeks in Shanghai was unveiled, 18 provinces of the nation's 250 printing enterprises on stage.
Statistics show that China's printing industry output value of 1.03985 trillion yuan in 2016, the previous year growth 9.3 ﹪.The national total of printing enterprises 10.5, employees 3.415 million people. 
It is also worth noting that China printing enterprises increasingly competitive worldwide.In 2016, the Chinese printing foreign processing trade for 83.75 billion yuan, increase on the previous year 8.5 ﹪.Nearly two years while the overall foreign trade growth is slowing, but China printing foreign processing trade has maintained steady growth.